How to Support Special Needs Families

Special needs families need support all year round. 

Here are some ways to help gathered from various blogs and special needs parents 


1. Send a card. Just a simple card saying, “I’m thinking of you” can brighten their

day. Please avoid cards that say, “I’m sorry your child is sick.” or “I hope your child

gets better soon.” 

2. Don’t ask how to help as it puts the burden on the family to give out tasks.

Offer to help babysit, bring a meal, wash their car, etc.

3. Avoid complaining about your children.

4. Talk about your kids’ personalities; not their accomplishments (It can hurt a 

special needs family as their child most likely isn’t able to do what your child can.)

5. Treat their kids like your own. – Don’t treat them as the “kid with special needs.”

6. Ask how they are doing.

7. Be understanding if they aren’t able to go out to the movie or to dinner. 

– Please don’t take it personally.

If you have any other ideas on how to support special needs families,

feel free to share them in a comment below.

We would love to read your ideas.



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