“Smiles” Song by Bayley P.

Song by our Founder & Program Director, Bayley P.,

* Dedicated to  families who have a child with a life-threatening or chronic illness.



1. Smiles are hard to come by, today.

Today, only tears fall down my face.

Life is too difficult to go on.

Yet, I just want to smile again.

I just want to be happy again.

I want to forget for a moment all my fears.

I want to leave all my guilt behind.

Oh… When will I smile again?

2. The tears keep on falling.

I just want my child to be okay.

The alarms keep on beeping.

Please, don’t take my child away.

All I want is my child to stay.

And not be in pain.

I want my child to have a normal life someday.

3. Everything is going to be alright.

My child is here to fight.

My child is here to spread joy and love.

I will never give up.

For my child is my light tonight.

And my child will pull through.

My tears are washed away.

As my child is here to stay.


I will smile when I look up at the sky.

I will smile when I see my child’s beautiful eyes.

I will smile when I see God’s face.

I will smile no matter what.

Because my child can.

My child is strong.

My child is brave.

My child is a fighter.

My child is a hero.

And I will smile for them.

Oh… I will smile again.


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