Developing a Thankful Attitude

Author: Hope Alive Ministry

Thanksgiving is next week, but let us remember to be

thankful  ALL the time. 

A thankful attitude takes time and effort.

Some people are more thankful than others.

Some people say thank you all the time yet their

actions show they aren’t grateful.

Others are very thankful yet don’t know how to 

express it. 

How can YOU develop a thankful attitude?

  • Serve others. – Make food. Send cards to the


  • Say thank you for the “small things” – a new car, a new 

          bracelet, a new watch.

  •  Feed the homeless. 

  • Visit the homebound. 

  • Visit people at nursing homes. 

  • Read the Bible for verses on Thanksgiving such as



     Be thankful! Be inspired! Be hopefilled!



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