“Don’t Lose Heart” Song

“Don’t Lose Heart”


Author: Bayley P.


Don’t lose heart,

God is there.

He won’t let you down and 

will never ever leave you.

He’s right there.

Look at the snow!

Look at the rain!

Look at the sun!

He’s there!

No matter what,

don’t lose heart for 

He will be there for you always!

He’ll never let go of your hand.

Life will get better someday!



1. Live for today and trust in Him!

    Learn lessons from every mistake.

    And remember there is beauty in everything.

   Have fun and serve one another!

   Helping others is the secret to not losing heart.

2. Don’t be afraid for God will be there.

     Don’t hold grudges for life is too short.

     Love your neighbors and love your enemies.

      And pray for those who persecute you.

      For that’s what God commands.

       Don’t lose heart for He has Big plans 

        in store for you. 


(Return to chorus & repeat) 


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