Repost: A Safe Place to Land by Ski’ing Through Life

Grady’s mom from the blog, “Ski’ing Through Life” wrote a post about how her son is not a

cause and deserves acceptance. Grady has Down Syndrome, but he’s a  child first. 

Read her post below from September 30, 2014:

30 days of Acceptance) //  Day One Entry:

We welcomed a son in 2010. We named him Grady.

That same day the world named him, a cause.

The transition came after his arrival, as he grew and his needs/abilities were exposed. Well  for

those who are willing to listen long enough to know that we need something, we are easily summed

up to just that… a cause. 

It’s as honest as I can get here… I cannot do this alone…. the village is needed. Oh for the proud

and strong , it takes a lot of work to even write this much. We are worn down after a long week

 and find our church to be last place we want to make a stink in or express our needs.

Well, I’ll say it…I need a safe place to land once in a while… It’s stink in’ hard out here..

Dr. appointments, therapists, struggles, IEP’s, evals and the day to day stuff that we often

don’t talk about because we figure your tired of hearing it…. Oh and Grady and his friends

they need to have a place like that too…warm, inviting where they too can learn about Jesus…

but most of all inviting. Oh if you saw how hard he works during the week, he needs it even more

so than me. It’s an honest assessment from our journey traveled. 4.5 years in.  My heart before

you, motivations true and clear.  

Stirred to share.

The battle.

//It’s easier to stay home.

//”everyone has a cause they are pushing for” —-

On that gritty and dusty street in John 9:3 … Jesus proclaimed to the disciples in assurance as

only HE can that the man’s disability in front of them (in this case blindness) wasn’t because

of the sins of the father…

 “but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him”

Works of God! BEHOLD.

I pray for the same Church who rally’s alongside the pregnant, pleading for Life and to

embrace a prenatal diagnosis, prayer over bellies to resist the urge to abort  to Rally once

more … those babies you rallied for, the ones your bumper stickers fight for… Many of them

make it through that battle… they arrive and some of them have needs.  Are you still there Church?

The rally can’t stop there….

Behold!… the works of God are displayed in them. Rally for them still. Give them a soft place

to land at the end

of the week like you do for the typical kids.  Include them. Embrace them. Make a way, like you

did for the crisis pregnancy.

A cultural shift inside the church starts with you…from the parking attendant to the top of

the Chain… it’s  a beautiful song… one of acceptance, education and rallying for those. with

different needs, if  people with disabilities are not at your church now (look around) they are

often at home. because it’s just easier that way.

The world got it wrong.  He’s a boy, not a cause. He has needs worthy of acknowledgment, that

just shouldn’t have to be fought for. It was a given for Jesus, so Rise up Church and BEHOLD

Rally once again.



To follow Ski’ing Through Life and more of Grady’s journey, click here.

Direct link to post above is here:


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