Repost: I Have a Dream from A Perfect Lily

I came across a blog a mother wrote about her daughter, Lily, with 

Down Syndrome.

She was saying how her child is a child like any other child.

Read her insightful blog below.



On the evening before Down Syndrome Awareness month begins, I have a dream.

I have a dream that my little girl will be seen for the person she is first – instead of the syndrome.
I have a dream that when people meet my daughter, their first instinct is not to feel pity for our family – but shared
joy for the gift we’ve been given.
I have a dream that by sharing our hearts and our stories, we as parents of children with Down syndrome
can help others to understand that a label can’t define our children. They are unique and invaluable and
special. Just like any other child.
Lily isn’t a syndrome, she’s a child …. who has Down syndrome . She doesn’t have a disease and she isn’t
She isn’t always happy – she has highs and lows and a full range of emotions just like you and me. She isn’t
an angel or a messenger from Heaven … she’s a little girl who has opinions and throws tantrums and can be
just as naughty as the next little girl 😉
She’s just a child … who has Down syndrome .
I have a dream that when you meet Lily , or any other person with Down syndrome, you see what I see …
an individual. Someone who has hopes and dreams and preferences and feelings and potential – and was
fearfully and wonderfully designed by their Creator… a person.
Just like you and me ❤️
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