“What If I’m 15” by Catherine Hackman

Check up Catherine Hackman’s guest post, “What if I’m 15”? below:

In Christian singer Greg Long’s song “Fifteen,” he points out that many times the LORD sends fifteen

people to witness to a non-believer before the Holy Spirit can work faith in Christ as Savior in that

person’s heart. Long further asks each Christian to think about, “What if you are the fifteenth person

called to witness to someone?” When I think back on my “Fifteen,” one stands out from the rest. I was

teaching a high school language arts class, and we were reading an essay by Emerson. The essay included

Jesus in a list of men who had influenced the world.  One of my students became incensed by that

sentence. He raised his hand to point out that Jesus shouldn’t be included. When I asked why, he said

that Jesus isn’t a man, He is God, and should be acknowledged as such. I couldn’t figure out why this was

so important to him. It was just a sentence in an essay,  and as far as I could tell, the piece wasn’t even

saying anything negative about Jesus. That conversation stuck in  my mind, and I thought about it often–

which means I also thought about Jesus, often.

Without my fifteen, I would be a lost person wandering around trying to find meaning in life. I am so

grateful for all of the people who risked my scorn, risked losing my friendship, risked embarrassment, to

tell me about Christ. When you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to speak to a person about Christ as

Savior, I encourage you: do it quickly, do it joyfully. You may be Number 15 in that person’s life.

To hear the song and see a wonderful video, go to this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVpWlf0-Gos


Thank you to Christine for her contribution. 


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