Meet the Family of the Month: September

Each month, we’ll highlight one Family of the Month. September’s family of the month is

Addison & her parents. 

 Meet Addison & her family:


Addisonduringjourney Addisonduringtreatment

Addison’s Birthday: 8/9/12

Addison’s Age: 2 years old

Addison’s Favorite Things to do: snuggle on the couch with us(mom & dad) &  watch Veggie Tales

Addison is an only child at the moment. 

Favorite Thing to Do as a Family: Going to the park and taking her to explore 

Addison’s Story: We found out Addison had a mass in her abdomen 3 weeks after her open heart surgery.

Her leg swelled, turned blue & had lots of bruising from one day to the next.

The tumor in her abdomen was surrounding an artery causing the bruising and discoloration.

 Her doctors originally thought it was a blood clot from the surgery 3 weeks prior to that.

They never found a clot on the ultrasound so we were sent back to see her heart surgeon.

He admitted her to watch her leg and her cardiologist found the mass when he was pushing on her

abdomen during her exam.

Infantile Fibrosarcoma is an extremely rare cancer with very little data on it. It grew in her soft tissue

around her arteries, organs and close to her bones in her abdomen/pelvic area.


How has Addison’s battle tested and/or strengthened her mom’s and parents faith: 

Throughout Addison’s battle with Infantile Fibrosarcoma, my faith has skyrocketed. I’ve seen God work in

so many amazing ways in our lives since Addison was diagnosed with cancer. He has truly blessed us

more than we could have imagined despite Addison going through her treatments.

When I six months pregnant, we found out Addison would be born with a heart defect & in the middle of

 that storm God spoke to me and said she would be healthy and with us forever. I’ve held onto that

 promise throughout everything & trusted God no matter what the doctors said.


One thing her mom wishes she knew before she was diagnosed:

One thing I wish I knew before Addison was diagnosed is that no matter what the doctors say,

GOD has the final word. Addison’s cancer recurred 6 times and had we listened to medical professionals,

we would have given up a long time ago and Addison wouldn’t be here today. God truly made a way

where there seemed to be no way, at all. Always, always trust God & have faith that he will work all

these together for good. Addison’s battle has strengthened our faith and our whole family’s faith. 

After trying to tear us apart, it brought my husband and I closer than we ever have been in

almost 9 years. Going through everything has made us appreciate the small things in life. We are so

blessed to live the life we do and to wake up to Addison every day.


Addisonwithparents Addisonnow-14months

Addison is a miracle & a blessing. 



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