Supporting Someone in Need

We as a society tend to ignore when other people are suffering. We don’t always mean to; it  

is just human nature. Sometimes we simply don’t know what to say. Other times we want to

say something, so we unintentionally say something hurtful to someone hurting. We might

tell them everything will be okay thinking it will help, but it sometimes hurts them.

Here are some tips I’ve gathered from blogs:

1. Send cards. Let them know you are there.

2. Set up a phone schedule.

3. Set up a meal schedule. 

4. Let them cry. Don’t make them feel like there is a timeline for them to be “better.” 

5. Let them know you are praying for them. 


Jesus calls each of us to be there. If your friend doesn’t respond the way you want, don’t lose

heart. They might just need space. Try not to be overbearing or: “Ask them to call.” 


God Bless! 


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