Hope for the BrokenHearted

Have you ever been broken hearted? Are you broken hearted? So 

many ask “How can I have hope when I’ve lost my child?” or

“How  can I have hope when my light went out?” Even those with

great faith have wrestled with those difficult questions


I don’t have the answers to those questions, but I know someone

who does: God. If anyone knows how to have hope when they are

brokenhearted, it is God. He lost his firstborn (some say He had

more than one child, but I’m not getting into that) and his

first/only son. He watched His son being crucified and dying

on the cross. Jesus cried out to His Father when He was dying:

“My God, my god, why have you abandoned me?” 

Click here to see what the Bible has to say about hope for the 



You aren’t alone. God is with you even when it might seem like

He’s forgotten about you. God will never abandon you.



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