Changing an “I Can’t” Attitude into an “I Can”!

Never say “can’t” when God says you can.
Don’t ask what can’t you do, but rather what you can.
You can make a difference and spread God’s message of love and compassion to everyone.
You can be YOU and change the world.
God believes in you, so nothing is impossible with Him.
Everything is possible if you just believe!

If anyone says you can’t do something, they’re most likely jealous of you.

A “can’t” attitude is fear. A “can” attitude is trust/faith. 

God wants us to have a can attitude; not a can’t attitude.

Some tips on how to have a can attitude:

1. Start off today by saying you can. (Try to do this for 15 minutes; 30 minutes, 1 hour; 2 hours; 3 hours; 4 hours; 24 hours. Then, start off each day saying you can.)

2. Remove any negativity influences. (If friends, music, TV shows, books, etc. are causing you to feel negative about yourself then remove them.)

3. Give yourself the permission to take a breather. (If you need a couple of minutes sitting outside reading a book; listening to relaxing music, then do it. It’s good for yourself and others.)

4. Read Bible verses from Psalms, Isaiah, Proverbs and other verses that say: “You’re amazing!”

5. Number 2 said to remove any negative influences. Number 5 is to surround yourself with people who help you to feel great about yourself. 

Click here for more tips on how to have a can attitude.

You make each day a better place by being in it.

Have hope!




1 thought on “Changing an “I Can’t” Attitude into an “I Can”!

  1. this is a wonderful post!
    thank you

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