Believing Without Seeing

Have you ever noticed how children often believe something without seeing? They might believe in fairies yet never seen them except on television. To them they are very real even when adults can’t see them. Sometimes adults don’t believe in God because they can’t “see” him yet children believe in Him anyway. 

Even Thomas, Jesus’ disciple, didn’t believe Jesus rose from the dead until He saw him and touched his wounds. 

Yet even sometimes people with great faith don’t always believe when they don’t see. It doesn’t mean you don’t have faith. But you might not see things from an unfiltered lenses like a child.

You might ask: How can I believe without seeing? My question to you is: How can you not? Even if you don’t physically see God, He is working in yours and other people’s lives. Children who have been through countless of pokes and procedures still believe God is working through them. Even some adults who have been through more than most people still trust God. 

How can they believe when I can’t is another question some may ask? My only answer to that is God.

God knows what He’s doing. Trust Him. 

And may you have eyes that “see” God like a child. 


* Disclaimer: The thoughts above are my thoughts and are NOT necessarily the thoughts of Hope Alive Ministry.


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