Dealing with Temptation

How many of you have dealt with temptation? If you said yes, you aren’t alone; you are human. It is not a sin if you are tempted. It’s a sin if you act on it. We have to pray about not acting on the temptation. Satan tells us to do bad things sometimes. Why? Because he loves it when we go against what God wants us to do. Satan is the greatest tempter of all. 

By saying “NO” to “small” temptations such as taking a cookie when you are tempted to take one, it becomes easier to say “NO” to bigger temptations such as robbing a bank. 

Sure we have free will to do what we want, but there are consequences for our actions. The best way to not be tempted is to avoid temptation all together.

Here are some tips to avoid temptation according to

1. Recognize your tendency toward sin.

2. Run away from the temptation.

3. Resist with the Word of Truth.

4. Repent quickly when you fail.


For more insight into how to avoid temptation, click here

The next time you are tempted remember that Jesus was tempted too. The Holy Spirit will help you through your temptation. 


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