God’s Love vs. Our Love



Our love = I’ll love you if… I love you if… I love you, but… 


God’s love = I’ll love you no matter what. I love you with no



Our love is often selfish. We often love when we get something out of

it. That’s not true love, though.


God’s love is unconditional. Nothing will ever make God stop loving

us. Nothing we can do will ever make God not love us.


This is not to say that we can’t love someone forever. This isn’t

always a bad thing. It’s just different. Our love is different from

God’s love.



How can we love more like God?


1. Help others. That’s the greatest source of love.

2. Read the Bible. 

3. Remember love isn’t perfect. Try your best, but you aren’t God. 

You can only do your best.

4. Laugh often. I imagine God has a sense of humor too.


5. Say I love you often, but don’t just say it. Show that you love 

someone. Buy flowers for someone. Send them a card without



* Disclaimer: These are only my thoughts and not necessarily the 

thoughts of Hope Alive Ministry.


1 thought on “God’s Love vs. Our Love

  1. these are great insights!
    thank you for this post. it helps me to realize how i am called to love more like God

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