The love of siblings is like no other. Siblings fight, but they are there for each other when it matter most. They are their sibling’s best friend. And some siblings are truly super. They stand up for their sibling when someone is mean to them. They deal with watching their sibling go through horrible treatments. And sometimes they are on the sidelines. Sometimes even siblings feel alone. 

But I want them to know these siblings are special too. Siblings who have a brother or sister with cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, and other diseases are just as special. 


We need to love on them. We need to support them just like we do their brother or sister.

Because siblings are the glue that holds their families together.

Are you a super sib?

Hope Alive Ministry supports you. 



1 thought on “Siblings

  1. thank you for reminding us of the beauty of sibling relationships. often siblings can offer the best support during the challenges inherent in life.

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