What Children Teach Me

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a child? 

If you have you have probably seen an innocence, a zest for life, a desire to learn, and a longing to please you especially if you are older than they are. As you have, I have seen the pureness of life through the eyes of a child. Their eyes seem to sparkle like the sun. 

Most of you have also learned something from a child.

Lessons I have learned from children:

1. Cherish life. Children often play without any worries.

2. Enjoy the “small” things. Catch fireflies (sometimes called lightening bugs). Play in a muddy puddle. Pick flowers.

3. Be a friend. This goes hand in hand with number one and two. Children often make friends so easily. They aren’t afraid to befriend a new child in their class.

4. Laugh often.

5. Be brave. The children I follow on Facebook with life threatening/terminal diseases often smile in spite of pain. What a gift they truly are!

6. Pray for things you don’t think God cares about. If you ever heard a child pray, you have probably heard them pray for their pet, stuffed animal, for a new toy. You might laugh to yourself thinking, “God doesn’t care about those things”, but God often cares about those things and more. God hears our “small” prayers and big prayers and most of all God appreciates our honesty.

7. Dance in life’s “storms.”


I encourage you that the next time you see a child to try to learn something from them. They often know more than we realize.


Please feel free to comment below the lessons you have learned for children.


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