Finding Blessings Everyday

You are in the midst of a terrible “storm.” Your precious child is fighting to survive. Where are the blessings? 

It is not a “blessing” your child is suffering of course, but maybe you wouldn’t meet a friend otherwise.

Maybe you would not meet another family who you could bless.

Maybe without your child suffering, you would not have know how powerful God is.

Perhaps your child made your faith stronger something that could only happen through the journey you are on. 

Everything that could possibly go wrong has. How can I find blessings in that trial?

There are blessings in disguise. Maybe you see how you can help others in a similar situation something you would not have thought of doing without this trial.


Take time out and find the blessings. They are there. We have to be willing to look for them. It is not always easy, but sometimes there are blessings in disguise. 


I embedded a video of Laura Story’s song, “Blessings” below. 




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