Finding Joy in Hard Times

Joy is a three letter word with a ton of meaning. Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that joy is “a feeling of great happiness.” Joy also has multiple meanings. It can stand for Jesus first, others second, and yourself last. Joy also can help you forget your troubles even for just a minute.

Joy is not always easy to have. It is not easy to have when our car breaks down or when a loved one passes away. It is not easy to have when everything that could possibly go wrong does. Joy is still important even during hard times. It is especially necessary to have in hard times. Otherwise we will always be depressed. 

How do I find joy in hard times? 

1. Read passages in the Bible of people who did not despair even when life was difficult.

2. Volunteer at a nursing home or soup kitchen. By helping others it helps you to “forget” your problems. 

3. Laugh often. Laugher isn’t easy, but finding something to laugh about brings great joy. 

4. Give it all to God. He knows what He’s doing.


Remember God will never abandon you. You have to be willing to let Him help you.

Prayers for you always! 


2 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Hard Times

  1. Yes happiness depends on circumstances and can easily be taken away with daily feelings but JOY is anchored to my Lord and no one can take that away from me. Blessings,

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