Having a Servant’s Heart

What is a servant’s heart? It is having a heart where you strive on helping others. Lots of people have a servant heart, but do not try to develop a stronger one. If you do not use a gift God has given you, you are letting it go to waste.

How do you develop even a bigger servant’s heart?

Here are some tips that might be helpful to you:

1. Read Bible passages that deal with helping others. Study those passages and what they really mean. Hint: Check out the New Testament especially the part where Jesus washes the disciples feet.

2. Volunteer somewhere. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter by spending time with the families there. Bring cookies to your local fire department for the fire fighters and local sheriff/police department for the police officers.

3. Go on a mission trip if possible.

4. Help out your elderly neighbors with things around the house.

5. Volunteer at a daycare.


Click here for more about having a servant’s heart.

Seeing other people who are less fortunate than you can make you want to help them more.

A simple smile can make a huge difference.



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