Challenging Fear in a Positive Way

How many of you have felt fear at one time or another? If you answer yes to this question you are not alone.

I repeat: You are not alone. 
I felt fearful before. God says to trust Him, but Satan allows fear to creep in. Fear in and of itself is not bad. It is what we do with the fear that is bad. Fear is a very powerful emotion and like anger it can control us. It can make us do things we would not do without the fear. It can stop us from doingthings we would do if we were not fearful. 

Fear can be dangerous, but there are tricks to help get rid of the fear. Deep breathing, exercise, going out of our comfort zone, and music can all help with dealing with the fear before it gets out of hand. Scripture is one of the best ways to get rid of fear. In my opinion, the Bible is really the best source for any negative feeling we are feeling. 

We can feel fear of the unknown or of the future. We can feel fearful that someone we love might die.

Trust is hard; fear is easy. However, we feel tremendous peace when we trust God. It’s okay to be fearful, but we have to be careful to not let that fear rule our lives.

Want to learn what the Bible says about fear?

Click here.


May God give you peace of mind and body when you feel fearful!






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