The Power of Prayer

Prayer is something that connects us. It connects Christians from various denominations around the world.

It connects non-Christians. Does prayer really work? Instead of debating this question, I am going to let you consider something.

Close your eyes. Imagine you are sitting at your child’s bed side asking God to save your child.  Your precious child is struggling to breathe and is in a deep a coma. You want to save your child, but know you have to turn to God. Your child wakes up. You thank God for answering your prayer.

Yes, I believe God answered your prayer that night.

Imagine the same scene, but with you asking other people on your child’s Facebook page or Caringbridge site to pray for your child. You ask family to get down on their hands and knees asking for a miracle for this child. God again answers your prayer by your child opening their eyes.

Let’s say that thousands of people prayed for your child yet your child passes away.

Is the prayer any less powerful? I believe the prayer was just as powerful. We don’t always know why God allows for children to pass away.

However, I still believe prayer works.

Just because God doesn’t answer your exact prayer doesn’t mean he doesn’t hear it. Keep praying.

May God grant you strength to always trust Him.


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