God in Tragedy

When bad things happen to us, we often ask where is God.

I believe God is there with us when we need him most.

God watched his only Son die on the cross for us.

If anyone knows tragedy, it is God himself.

This is a sample of a song I wrote:

Sometimes life is difficult and sometimes we just want to quit,
but God is there holding us up by His Love and His Grace.

So Never give up believing for there is always a reason.

When there seems to be tragedy after misery,
There is still a plan.

And there is still Hope.

I promise you that when Hope is lost, there will be a way
And God will be there lifting us up.

*Disclaimer: These thoughts are only the thoughts of me (Bayley) and
are NOT the thoughts or opinions of Hope Alive Ministry.

I hope this song encourages you to have hope always.

God Bless!


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