What Hope Means to Bayley

What does hope mean to me? To me, hope means rainbows and children playing. Rainbows are bright and colorful just like children. Children have such a zest for life that we can all learn from.

I also find hope through people helping one another. We live in a world that has a lot of darkness, but when people are kind to one another it reminds me that there is still life. There is still hope that all world will be a place where no one is discriminated against. I have hope that one day peace will abound.

Even though I find hope through these things, my ultimate hope is found through Jesus dying on the cross for us. He died so that we may live forever with Him. I have hope that when I pass away, I will see my Savior face to face. If that isn’t hope, I do not know what is.

*Disclaimer: These are my thoughts only and do not represent the thoughts of Hope Alive Ministry.

May you find that ultimate Hope!


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