Hope Alive Ministry’s Book Club

Who loves to read? If you do, then here’s your chance.

The book club will run from January 9, 2014 (the 2-year anniversary of the Hope Alive Ministry Facebook page) until March 22, 2014.
All books have a theme of inspiration.

We are also having an online book discussion after you have read the books that is password protected which will be conducted under the “Book Discussion January”, “Book Discussion February”, and “Book Discussion March”.

These tabs are under the “Book Club” page tab.

Only people who have passwords will be able to see the pages to participate in the book
discussion. The passwords are all the same, so you only need one.
Email Bayley at hopealiveministry@hotmail.com for the password.

The books are the following:
January: “A Mighty Fortress” by Faith Blum (Thank you Faith for donating a copy of your book.)
February: “Making It Happen” by Leigh Anne Tuohy
March: “Breaking Shadows: Bold” by Hannah Stewart (Thank you Hannah for donating a copy of
your book.) NOTE: There’s some violence and gory scenes in this book.

Email Bayley at hopealiveministry@hotmail.com with the subject line:
“Book Club Information” for copies of January and March’s books.

You may purchase February’s book for ONLY $4 on Kindle by clicking here.

Further details on the book club are under the “Book Club” page tab.

God Bless!
~ Bayley & Hannah


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