About Hope Alive Ministry

Hope Alive Ministry was created as a Facebook page on January 9, 2012. It was designed as a way to inspire everyone not just Christians to have hope alive in their hearts. We live in a world that is often dark, but great things happen when we have hope. In March 2013 about a year since Hope Alive Ministry was created, Hannah became an admin. Bayley is truly thankful to God for having Hannah on the Hope Alive Ministry team. Since our founding in January 2012, we created thirteen electronic newsletters starting on January 4, 2013. We also hosted our first ever-writing contest with Voice4Society, an organization that Bayley is on the Executive Board of. Voice4Society is dedicated to promoting community and youth advocacy and does a lot with service projects in the New York City area. To learn more about Voice4Society, click here. In December 2013, we announced that Hope Alive Ministry would be a permanent part of Voice4Society. The changes went into affect January 2014, around the two-year anniversary of the creation of the Hope Alive Ministry Facebook page.

God Bless you always as you follow Him!

Much Love,
Bayley, Director of Hope Alive Ministry and Hannah, Program Manager of Hope Alive Ministry


1 thought on “About Hope Alive Ministry

  1. Nice story. I think the changes will be positive. Thanks.

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